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Jamaican Steppers

The authors chronicles the life and times of two Jamaican immigrants caught up in the fast life of illicit drug activities, easy money, deceit, and the misery that comes along with such a lifestyle. Chuckie and Stepper, the two main characters in this novel, once walked a straight and narrow line as so many young men have done, but their overwhelming lust for money and power lead them to open warfare with some of the deadliest Jamaicans in New York. Soon they would become the subject of a massive police investigation stretching from New York to New Jersey.

This novel is depicted as real as possible by using a blend of Jamaican dialect along with contemporary American English. One will get the feel of being in the presence of these two Jamaican men. This gripping novel will keep you enthralled and compelled to continue reading to the very end. You will find yourself wanting more.